• 1080p 30fps video streaming
  • SONY FCB-MA130 to USB3.0 Interface
  • 13MP Still image capture
  • Power over USB
  • One cable solution
  • I2C camera control via USB
Integrate High Definition video over USB3.0 into your vision products with the VREO UNITY board. UNITY interfaces the SONY FCB-MA13X cameras simply and reliably to a USB3.0 port on your PC.
The VREO UNITY board has been specifically designed to work with Sony’s FCB-MA13X cameras (MA130, MA132 and MA133). Enabling all features on this exceptional camera to be utilised over USB3.0, including 1080p @ 30fps video and still images up to 13 mega pixel images. VREO support the UNITY board with a graphic user interface and software development kit allowing you to integrate HD video easily and quickly into your vision products. Applications: Machine Vision, Low Vision, Video Conferencing, Inspection Systems, Covert Surveillance, UAVs, Robotics, Augmented Reality, ATMs
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  • FCB-MA13X SONY camera module
  • VREO UNITY board
  • VREO bespoke FCC cable
  • Tripod
  • Software Development Kit
  • OneView viewer application
  • Technical Manual
  • Assembled on rigid platform
  • USB3.0 Cable
UNITY board and MA13X camera Development Kit
Start developing your USB3.0 vision products fast with VREO's UNITY development kit. The kit is ready to use out of the box and comes fully built up with the board and camera securely mounted and the bespoke VREO FCC cable fitted. The kit also includes a tested USB3.0 cable, tripod, and up to date software on a USB stick which includes VREO's OneView program. This kit is the perfect place to start in order to build UNITY into a new or existing product or system and VREO can provide you with expert support to help you move your project forwards as quickly as possible.
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SONY FCB MA13X series camera modules
  • Image Stabilization
  • Face Detection
  • One Touch AF
  • 1080p at 30fps
  • 13 Mega-Pixel Stills
  • 16x Digital Zoom
SONYs miniature High Definition Video 1080p camera series with 13 megapixel still images.
Incorporating a 1/2.45-type Exmor CMOS sensor from SONY, the FCB MA13x series (MA130, MA132 and MA133) enables users to capture Full HD resolution (1080p / 30fps) video and still images up to 13 megapixels. These colour block cameras also feature several other innovative functions, including embedded image stabilisation and face detection. The miniature cameras also host a variety of other features including Autofocus, Autoexposure, Auto White Balance,Face detection, Image Stabilisation and lots more. There are 3 models in the range, MA130 55 degrees horizontal field of view (HFOV) and autofocus, MA132 and MA133 are manual focus lenses with 94 degrees and 128 degrees HFOV respectively. All of these cameras can be interfaced directly to a PC using VREO UNITY.
SONY FCB MA13X series camera modules
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  • Efficient built in power supply for the camera
  • PWM output for LED dimming control
  • Push Button inputs for Zoom
  • 1080p at 30fps
  • USB3.0 Interface for the SONY FCB Block Cameras
  • A one cable solution
  • Camera power and communication over the same connection
A USB3.0 interface for the established and widely used SONY FCB block cameras.
VREO LIBERTY extends the range of cameras that can be integrated into your USB3.0 products. This board provides a USB3.0 interface for the well established SONY FCB block cameras providing a cost effective way to bring USB 3.0 into your product lines, reducing time to market and development costs. LIBERTY is a very compact and efficient solution allowing a one cable interface to a PC and comes with free bespoke application called OneView which will help you evaluate the board and camera for your application. LIBERTY is capable of streaming 1080p at 30fps over USB 3.0 and includes a push button inputs for camera zoom control, PWM output for external LED light control, and an efficient selectable power supply for the attached camera. As well as being powered completely over the USB bus, Liberty allows the user to command the camera using VREO's bespoke program OneView. Applications: Machine Vision, Low Vision, Video Conferencing, Inspection Systems, UAVs, Robotics, Augmented Reality Systems
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SONY FCB Block Cameras
  • 6v-12v power supply
  • Visibility enhancement
  • Auto ICR
  • Widely used
  • World renowed
  • Excellent zoom range
SONY EV and EH series cameras
The SONY EV and EH series cameras are widely used as a vision solution and are fully compatible with the VREO LIBERTY board. These cameras boast up to 30x optical zoom, up to full HD video, Auto ICR, wide dynamic range, spherical zone masking, one touch auto-focus, visibility enhancement, and motion detection (total functionality differs depending on the choice of model).
SONY FCB Block Cameras
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